Pro Carolina Computers is a PC and laptop repair company located in Charlotte, NC. We sell used computers and also buy old, broken, or unwanted desktops and laptops.

PC and Laptop Repair

We repair PCs and Laptops for almost any issue you come across. We can take care of a virus, trojan, or rootkit. If a piece of hardware fails we can replace that. Most repairs are done for a flat rate of $50 no matter how long it takes us. All repairs come with a 30 day warranty so you are guaranteed everything will be done correctly.

We Buy Broken or Unwanted PCs

We do purchase old, broken, or unwanted desktop and laptop computers. We can also do store credit if you are looking to get something new.

NOTE: We are getting stocked up on older systems as many people want to sell theirs. We are still buying some, the best way to get your system purchased is through the contact link at the top left of our page.

Used Computers

We sell used computers and inventory varies all the time. If you are looking for something specific let us know and we can try to find it for you. Used computers do come with a 30 day warranty so you can purchase with confidence. Use the contact form to email us what you are looking for.