How to Choose a Computer Repair Service Company

It happens - inevitably you are going to have a problem with your computer. Even the best computer technicians get a virus every now and then or experience some weird issue they need help figuring out. Don't feel like it only happens to you or that you are having a problem no one has ever experienced. So how do you choose a computer repair company? With a little research you can at least make sure the company you choose has a decent reputation and is trustworthy. If you are looking for a computer repair service company you must know that asking for some proof of their work is quite important.

Computer Repair Certification

There are actually many computer repair certifications, some common ones to look for are A+, Network+, and/or Microsoft Certifications. This may not guarantee the quality of the work performed by the professional, but it at least gives you something to go on and assures you that they have been trained in certain areas and have passed the requirements for certification. Most people with these certifications will display them, but it is a great practice just to ask them what they and their employees are certified in.

Remote Repair

If your computer can still access the internet, a lot of repairs can be done remotely over the phone. This usually involves you loading a program on your computer and giving a code to the professional so that they can access your PC for only this one issue. After that the code is dead and they can no longer access it. If you feel comfortable with your repair technician this is a quick and easy way to get problems resolved without having to lug your computer around anywhere.

Internet Research

A computer is a necessity for nearly every person in the US these days. Just like a car requires maintenance your computer will need some too. With a little research online, you can search out a computer repair company near you. You can always take it to the larger stores such as Best Buy however those places usually charge more for the repair than the smaller companies. A lot of issues are now solved with a flat rate instead of an hourly fee.

Hardware Upgrades

Most computer repair companies will also provide a hardware upgrade service if you are interested. Sometimes you would be amazed at how much performance can be gained for a relatively inexpensive upgrade, such as adding more memory or switching to an SSD over a hard drive. This can save you money from having to purchase a new PC and keep your files intact. Of course at some point it is just best to upgrade the entire PC to a new one. Your technician should be able to advise you on the pros and cons of each.


Computer problems are not usually one of the things people want to spend a lot of money on, and good technicians know this. A great computer professional will serve as your ally, not your enemy. And when you find a good company you will find they can help your business make more money, save time, or both - which can make it a rather profitable relationship for everyone involved.